18 Small Living Room Ideas with Practical Layout to Improve Coziness

Assembling the right furniture in the simple layout is emphasized on these small living room ideas. Living the room up the outmost will be defined by the right color choices and the room accessories. Textures and accents are welcome here both in traditional, natural, or contemporary.

Arranging cozy room in small space is the most challenging task in the interior. These tricks and ideas will assist you how to maximize your living room and avoid crowded look. Although the furniture is less, but the full function of the room is still effectively available. Decorate your living space with these layout inspirations.

1. Bright Small Living Room

Affordable Décor for Small Living Room Ideas with Bright Interior of Sofa also wall


The famous trick in making the room larger is by installing large glass windows. Allowing sunlight coming in doesn’t only improve the room brightness, but it also makes the room healthier. White is still the most uplifting color. All furniture should be in modern style. Don’t put too many accessories. Simple contemporary art painting and fresh plants are enough.

Source: Homedit

2. Small Living Space with Small Fireplace

Angelic Interior for Small Living Room Ideas with Simple Sofa also Fireplace

It’s possible to have fireplace in small living area. The trick is makes the room looks bigger by placing large mirrors on the wall. Simple sofas with skirt are helpful to enlarge the room look. As pop up colors, apply orange sheet on the sofas or bright ornaments on the side table.

Source: Freshome

3. Colorful Modern Seating Space

Good Inspiration for Small Living Room Ideas with Various Color Interior Designs

Well, perhaps applying more colors in small room is avoided for some reasons. But this layout gives you the inspiration that various color work well if they are well selected. Keep the furniture sleek and apply bright color in vivid hues. Even small seating spot in the corner looks so stylish.

Source: Digsdigs

4. Another Colored Layout in Simplicity

Awesome Style of Small Living Room Ideas with Sofa under Mounted Shelving

Here’s another color spark that can spice your room up. Without a coffee table, this living space still looks awesome. Practical furniture such as removable couch doesn’t make the room less fantastic. Mounted shelving improves the room function where the home office is in this area, too.

Source: t4tz


5. Keeping the Furniture in Small Scale

Charming Decoration for Small Living Room Ideas with Sofa also Nice Ottoman

Tight space for sure requires small scale furniture. However, the room is still pretty with the right layout. White sectional sofas and simple ottomans are the right ones. Choose grey rug to give color variation. Patterned throw pillow cushions accentuate the room so it doesn’t look dull in white.

Source: Freshome

6. Lightweight Appearance and Pale Colors

Delicate Furniture for Small Living Room Ideas with Glass Surface of Coffee Table

Light appearance is strongly suggested for small interior. Coffee table with glass surface gives luxury among modern lounges. The great thing is this living room also has dining area in another corner. It’s amazing how this small space can have double function. As long as the layout is arranged perfectly, all will be just fine.

Source: Freshome

7. Small Bohemian Seating Area

Colorful living room can be brought in Bohemian style, too. Who don’t know that Bohemian style is always enchanting? The rich pattern and the shabby look always give unique nuance. The decoration is also easy and affordable. Natural plants and fresh flowers always fit with this shabby style.

Source: thehousethatlarsbuilt

8. Modern Bohemian Space

If you want lighter Bohemian look, you can use the accent in the contemporary living room. Modern white seating can be covered with woolen sheet. Showing more colors, cover the coffee table with colorful knitting, too. Hang various portraits on the wall for strengthening the Bohemian theme. This will be the coziest space in front of fireplace.

Source : Pinterest

9. Luxurious Small Living Room

Emphasizing on luxury is very possible in small space. Look at this 1920s living area furnished by Victorian chairs. The elegance is perfectly shown by the room decoration. A fireplace is installed in the room without making it crowded. Sleek tables show the modernity and improve the rich room elements.

Source: Houzz

10. Small Retro Room in Soft Hues

Smart Retro Concept for Small Living Room Ideas with Wooden Table also Stripe Sofa

Without bold color, you still can show retro living room style. Just choose to burst certain furniture such as coffee table in brightest color. For the rest of the room, adjust the colors with modern style. Pastel color is good for living room background. Applying antique lighting or vintage sofa with skirt shows the retro concept already.

Source: Austin Elite Home Design

11. Small Room with Ultimate Elegance

Brilliant Interior for Small Living Room Ideas with Eclectic and Modern Style

Gold is the chosen accent for these neutral colors. This is unique combination of true eclectic style since it has modern concept blended with classic furnishing. The furniture shows classic luxury and the layout shows modern practicality. Gold is used as the mirror frame and lighting adding more luxurious sparks.

Source: Decoist

12. Airy Living Room in Fully Open Style

Nice Design of Small Living Room Ideas with Open Concept also Luring Furniture

Connect the living room with the outdoor space, especially if there’s swimming pool. It’s very great to make airy and borderless room. The room looks lavish with small scale lounge and sharp lined coffee table. A little futuristic design can be added through the stand lighting.

Source: Decoist

13. Classic French Splendor in Small Room

Splendid Interior for Small Living Room Ideas with Classic French Splendor

Traditional French accent is totally brought by this small seating arrangement. Large windows draperies complete the room appearance. Classic wardrobe displaying porcelain ornaments doesn’t make any crowd at all. Pastel and bright colors are so helpful in making the room bigger.

Source: Homestratosphere

14. Compact Living Space with Feminine Charms

Fascinating Decoration for Small Living Room Ideas with Classic and Modern Interior


It’s the room arranged in details. Looking at the colors, you’ll guess that it must have high taste. Mixing the classic accent with modern look is always brilliant. Look how the bold striped curtain is combined with the soft colored chesterfield lounge there. That’s really sophisticated.

Source: Decoist

15. Contemporary Room with Pop Art

Fancy Pop Art also Good Sofas Décor for Small Living Room Ideas

Display the paint you love in your living room to express your love in art. Painting with bold color can go well with consistent colors. White background and white main seating makes the bold colors balance the room appearance. Light wooden tables with sleek shaped ornaments will complete the room decoration.

Source: Decoist

16. Exotic Seating Spot with Traditional Elegance

Comfortable Bold Sectional Sofa also Glass Table for Small Living Room Ideas

Classic accent, sectional sofas in bold color, and a fireplace decorate the room perfectly with uniqueness. You might think is it possible to make them fit in small room? Be inspired with the layout and you’ll be surprised that they create new eclectic room with exotic nuance.

Source: Homestratosphere

17. True Natural Room

Soft sofas are matched with rustic wooden floor in cozy way. The natural scene that is brought by the design blends beautifully with modern furniture. This is how the modern beauty with natural colors around. Green carpet presents the fresh look among the white and other natural colors.

Source : dekrisdesign

18. Small Seating Room with Tropical Sense


The palm indoor tree in the corner shows the tropical look already. Uniqueness is from the tree trunks in cubical shapes use as seating behind the glass coffee table. Opening windows that is directly connected with the nature outdoor brightens the room. More green indoor plants are always welcome.

Source: Decoist